Medical Updates

New BCBS Saver HSA Plan

The BCBS Saver HSA Plan is a consumer-driven health plan — just like the BCBS HSA Plan. However, it has a higher deductible, lower paycheck contributions and there’s no coinsurance after you meet the deductible. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Highest deductible of all plan options, but no out-of-pocket max (OOPM)

    This plan has a higher deductible than your other options — $4,000 for individual coverage and $8,000 for family coverage. But the deductible is the same as the OOPM. So, after you meet the deductible, the plan will cover 100% of the cost for eligible care, including doctor visits, prescription drugs and hospital stays.

  • Comes with money from Discover to use when you need care

    Just like the existing BCBS HSA Plan, this plan comes with money from Discover to use on eligible health care expenses — $500 for individual coverage, $700 for you + spouse/partner or you + child(ren) coverage, and $1,000 for you + family coverage. This money helps offset the deductible, because you can use it first to pay for care when you need it. Plus, if you don’t end up using it, it rolls over to the next year. And the money stays with you, even if you leave Discover.

  • Lowest paycheck deductions of all plan options

    Because the plan comes with the highest deductible, you’ll pay less out of your paycheck for coverage. So, if you don’t expect a lot of care next year, this plan may be a cost-effective choice for you when you factor in the paycheck deductions and the Discover contribution to your HSA.

  • Deductible must be met before prescription drug costs are covered

    This plan comes with a combined medical and prescription drug deductible. This means you must meet the deductible before the plan will cover the cost for any prescription drugs you need. See the BCBS Saver HSA Plan details here

BCBS Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) Plan freeze

If you’re currently enrolled in the BCBS HRA Plan, you can still choose this plan option for 2021. The BCBS HRA medical plan will no longer be offered as an option effective January 1, 2022.

If you were enrolled in another plan in 2020, you cannot elect the BCBS HRA Plan for 2021.

Learn more about your medical plan options here.

Increased Paycheck Contributions

You’ll see contribution increases for all medical plan options and coverage levels for 2021. Discover is still covering the majority of the cost and we’re committed to offering you solid and affordable medical plan options.

You may also notice minimal changes to both dental and life insurance rates.

See medical rates here.

See dental rates here.

See life insurance rates here.

Wellness Updates

Change to Health Evaluation Wellness Credit and Vendor

Alight Well will replace Interactive Health Solutions as the Health Evaluation vendor. If you complete the online health assessment and the biometric screening by December 1, 2020, you’ll earn a $300 credit toward your medical premiums in 2021. Spouses/partners are no longer eligible for the $100 spouse/partner credit, and the $100 credit for faxing the results of the biometric screening to your physician has been removed.

Spending Account Updates

Increased Health Care Flexible Spending Account (HCFSA) rollover amount

If you contributed to the Health Care FSA in 2020, you can roll over up to $550 of unused funds into 2021 (increase from $500).  All other funds must be used by December 31, 2020. You have until March 31, 2021 to submit claims and any amount over $550 will be lost.

Dental Updates

Dental X-ray frequency change

If you are enrolled in either the Standard or the Premier Dental Plan, you can get one bitewing X-ray each calendar year (change from two per year).

Health Care Consumer Tips

Being a smart health care consumer means you take the time to consider all of your health care options and make the best decision for your particular situation. Keep these tips in mind!

  • The BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) HSA or Saver HSA Plan may be the best plan for you. With an HSA Plan, you’ll pay less in payroll contributions and you’ll receive a contribution from Discover to your HSA to help pay for eligible health care expenses. Learn more about HSAs.
  • You’ll save with an HSA or FSA. You’ll save valuable tax dollars and lower your taxable income when you open a Health Savings Account or Health Care Flexible Spending Account. The money you contribute or withdraw in these accounts is tax-free when you use it for eligible expenses1.
  • Only use the emergency room (ER) for true emergencies. Trips to the ER can be expensive and cost you a lot out of your own pocket, so be sure you only visit an ER when absolutely necessary. Use urgent care facilities, schedule a visit with your doctor, or visit a Discover on-site health clinic when you have minor injuries or illnesses. Take advantage of the virtual care benefit for a nominal fee. You can also call the 24/7 Nurseline for free — nurses are on call to answer any health questions you might have and to provide guidance on emergency care, urgent care and more.
  • Consider generic prescriptions instead of brand-name prescriptions. Generic prescriptions are usually considerably less expensive and are approved by the FDA. Ask your physician or pharmacist if your prescription has a generic alternative and save money.
1 Tax-free for federal purposes, state tax treatment may vary.