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Education Assistance

We believe building brighter financial futures includes supporting our employees — both outside and inside the classroom. That’s why our Education Assistance starts day one of employment for eligible U.S. employees. This benefit offers fully and partially funded options that cover associate, bachelor’s, and graduate degree programs.

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Fully Funded

We are proud to offer eligible U.S. based employees a fully funded college education benefit — The Discover College Commitment. We’ll cover 100% of tuition, required fees, books, and supplies for select high-quality, online bachelor’s degrees. Employees will also have access to educational guidance, counseling and coaching to help them make the most of their academic experience.

* The Discover College Commitment: Only U.S. employees classified as a full-time, flex part-time or regular part-time employee (“Employee”) are eligible for this benefit for their first bachelor’s degree, which covers tuition and required supplies, books and fees after grants have been applied. Discover will pre-pay tuition directly to the university. Expenditures on qualified fees, books and supplies will be reimbursed. In addition, to be eligible, employee must be in active status, in good standing with the company, and maintain a 2.0 grade point average or higher as described in the Discover's Education Assistance Program Handbook. Employees must utilize the company process to apply for this benefit and complete all required company forms, university application(s) and a Free Application for Federal Aid (“FAFSA”). Employees terminated from the Company are required to refund to the Company all covered tuition, fees, and reimbursements received within 24 months prior to the Employee’s last day of employment.

Partially Funded

We also provide eligible U.S. based employees tuition assistance or tuition reimbursement for qualified associate, bachelor’s and graduate business or job-related degrees from accredited colleges and universities outside of The Discover College Commitment program.

Through the Tuition Assistance program, which covers degree programs from a curated network of colleges and universities, we cover 100% of tuition up to the following annual limits:

  • $5,250 for Bachelor’s degree
  • $10,000 for Master’s degree

Employees will also get access to free, customized coaching around benefit usage, education programs, and financing options. In addition, employees may be eligible to receive credit for completing company training programs.

Through the Tuition Reimbursement program, we reimburse 90% of tuition for degrees outside of the curated network, up to the following annual limits:

  • $2,500 for Associate degree
  • $10,000 for Graduate degree


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