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The dollar amounts shown below are copays and the percentages shown below reflect coinsurance after your deductible has been met.

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To check out the Summary Plan Description for complete details about the medical options, visit myHR and click on the Plan Information tile.

About Cost-Sharing

You and Discover share the cost of medical coverage. For medical coverage, your share of the cost is determined by the coverage level you elect and, for the BCBS medical plan options, your Health and Welfare Eligible Earnings (HWEE).

2021 Benefit Plan Rates

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What's HWEE?

HWEE stands for Health and Welfare Eligible Earnings. Discover uses HWEE to align certain plan rates, coverage and benefits to your earnings. For example, HWEE is used to determine medical plan rates and the rate for Long-Term Disability (LTD) insurance. It’s also used to determine the amount of supplemental life insurance you can buy for yourself and the amount of your LTD benefit. HWEE is calculated each September using the greater of your base salary or your most recent 12 months of eligible earnings. You’ll find your HWEE on myHR under Health and Insurance. For a full definition of HWEE, see the Welfare Benefits Summary Plan Description on myHR.